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As part of our commitment to the mental health charter (sport and rec alliance) we have made a commitment to better understand the mental wellbeing of our staff.

We have committed to carrying out regular surveys which start to help us understand both the triggers for poor mood, anxiety and burnout but also help us understand what additional support staff need in order to cope and being a mentally resilient mindset.

We are pleased to share some of the interesting results of our most recent survey and commit to supporting with encouraging this conversation in our workplace and commit to this being an ongoing priority within our company moving forward.

We asked staff how you support yourself with your mental health? Eating well and staying physically active were the most common responses

We asked staff how well they are supported by their colleagues? The overall response was over 75%

We asked staff if If they were struggling mentally or physically, do they feel there would be anyone they can approach internally? and 65% said yes.

We asked how has your physical and mental health been affected by COVID? with 40.5% feeling more anxious, 16.6% having no change.


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