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Senior Equine Groom Level 3

The Level 3 Senior Equine Groom is a practical, hands-on programme where provide for and coordinate the day-to-day care of the horses in the workplace.

The Senior Equine Groom will be capable of looking after a small to medium sized equine yard and supervising a diverse team of workers. Committed to the safety and welfare of the horses in their care, senior equine grooms will use their theoretical knowledge and understanding, practical experience and empathy to maintain the horses’ physical and psychological well-being within a safe working environment.

The Senior Equine Groom is an integral part in the life of the horse, providing essential day-to-day care. They will possess all the necessary skills to lead by example and will have the knowledge required to implement effective systems relating to the running of the yard. They will be capable of organising and monitoring the quality of work and ordering and maintaining supplies. They will be capable of offering advice, support and guidance to their team, whilst possessing appropriate people skills necessary for the dressage and wider equine sector.

They will be required to have a sound base of experience and knowledge and have the right empathy so as to promote the horses’ physical and psychological well-being within a safe working environment. The Senior Equine Groom will have a sound knowledge of horse anatomy and physiology and the ability to assess and promote health. They will be able to recognise and treat common minor injuries and ailments. They will be capable of presenting horses to a high standard and can demonstrate the skills required to groom, plait and clip horses.

The level 3 provides the opportunity to gain more advanced skills and experience needed to work in any equestrian yard at a more senior level and provides a platform to demonstrate competence when taking charge of horse management routines and day to management of small teams.

The Level 3 Senior Equine Groom standard is an 18-month apprenticeship and covers the key competencies required to successfully work as a groom, under supervision on an equine yard. Some of the topics covered include Yard and Field Routines and Management, Nutrition & Fitness and Horse Anatomy, Physiology and Welfare. There will also be modules covering personal development and employability skill such as teamwork, responsibility, communication, and safe working practices appropriate to the level at which they are working.  

The senior equine groom apprenticeship is taught by our industry qualified tutors and is delivered through a blend of face-to-face and remote sessions. Apprentices are given resources to support them through the apprenticeship and additional e-learning modules are included in the delivery plan to enhance a learner’s knowledge and understanding.

In addition to this, all British Dressage apprentices will be provided with the opportunity to attend added value experiences such as trips, visits at events such as the national convention, high profile competitions, all supported by a British Dressage mentor.

Apprentices must be employed for the duration of the apprenticeship and work at least 30 hours per week for their employer with 20 per cent of their time allocated to ‘off the job’ training. The apprentices will be assessed via an end point assessment which includes a knowledge test, a portfolio-based interview and a project presentation to ensure they have gained the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to achieve the equine groom's standard.

Our dedicated apprenticeship recruitment team have extensive experience working in the apprenticeship sector and are committed to helping you find the perfect apprentice for your organisation. This is also supported by a workforce/professional programme development officer at British Dressage.

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