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The Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship will equip emerging leaders and managers with the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to effectively manage teams and projects. The apprenticeship will provide training in project management with leadership training embedded to ensure individuals are qualified for future roles.  

The Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor standard is a 13-16 month apprenticeship and covers the key competencies required to successfully manage teams and projects. The programme will cover a variety of topics allowing managers to effectively support, develop and manage both themselves and their teams. Apprentices will learn how to manage projects, plan and monitor workloads and resources, deliver business plans, resolve problems and make decisions. Some of the topics covered include managing people, developing relationships, operational management, project management and finance. The programme includes an added value management qualification and the aspects of management and leadership training the apprentices receive will provide them with a solid understanding for any team leader and supervisor role.  

The apprenticeship is taught by our qualified tutors who have experience in management, leadership and the sport sector to ensure the learning is tailored to the sport and physical activity environment. The programme is delivered through a series of face to face group sessions at the Sports Structures office in Birmingham or another suitable venue as well as visits to the employer’s workplace and remote sessions as required. Apprentices are given resources to support them through the apprenticeship and additional e-learning modules are included in the delivery plan to enhance a learner’s knowledge and understanding.

Apprentices must be employed for the duration of the apprenticeship and work at least 30 hours per week for their employer with 20 per cent of their time allocated to ‘off the job’ training. The apprentices will be assessed via an end point assessment which includes a presentation with questions and answers and a professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence to ensure they have gained the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to achieve the team leader/supervisor standard.

Our dedicated apprenticeship recruitment team have extensive experience working in the apprenticeship sector and are committed to helping you find the perfect apprentice for your organisation.

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