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The health and safety of our staff, partners and learners is of paramount importance at this time and we continue to monitor the Covid-19 outbreak on a national, regional and local level. This document has been developed inline with official guidance and may be updated at short notice to comply appropriately.

External visitors to our offices are limited to essential maintenance and meetings only. Face to face meetings should only be held if virtual meetings are not possible or are not appropriate. Meetings should also be kept to a minimum duration. We ask all visitors to comply with the following measures in full.

All visits must be pre-approved

  • Any visits to our office must be approved by the Directors
  • It is recommended, that where possible, visitors travel in via their own transport to minimise risk to themselves and others. Parking is available at our offices on request (maximum of 4 spaces).
  • Visitors must complete our Visitor Survey prior to attending any event at our office.
  • We encourage visitors to download the NHS COVID-19 App on their phone prior to attending.
  • Visitors must inform their point of contact at Sport Structures of any health and safety requirements placed upon them by their own organisation (if relevant) prior to their visit.

All visitors must apply the following physical distancing and personal hygiene measures:

  • Current guidance is that wearing a face covering within office settings is not required, but all staff and visitors wishing to provide their own face covering are fully supported to do so, and should refer to official guidance on face coverings. Disposable face coverings are available upon entering our offices
  • When you arrive at our offices, please observe the current Government Guidelines, our office protocols and please also follow directions given to you by our staff. You will also be requested to scan in using the NHS COVID-19 App.
  • Visitors must remain aware of other office users in the Cloisters and follow all safety signage within communal areas
  • When meeting with others, please maintain a 1.5 metre physical distance at all times
  • Wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitiser, including immediately before and upon entry / exit.
  • Do not shake hands.
  • Avoid transmission during meetings, for example by not sharing pens and other objects.
  • Practice cough & sneeze etiquette – Cough into your elbow or into a tissue (covering both your mouth and nose), not into your hands. Then wash your hands.

We are unable to provide you with refreshments at this current time.

 Circumstances when you will not be allowed to our office:

  • If you have an appointment and are feeling unwell with any of the COVID-19 symptoms, then you should not attend our offices for your scheduled meeting. We will be happy to make alternative arrangements via video or telephone conference.
  • If you have recently been tested positive for COVID-19, we require any visitor to be 14 days without symptoms.
  • In case of local lock-down by local authorities.

If you test positive for COVID-19 within a period of 14 days after your visit at our office, please communicate this promptly to your Sport Structures point of contact. We will then act accordingly.

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