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We are delighted to have been commissioned by Sport England on behalf of the Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG), made up of the five Sports Councils, to undertake a fundamental review of the role and function of the Equality Standard for Sport. The standard, first launched in 2004, has been extensively used by the Councils to support Sports organisations in addressing inequalities in the sports sector.

The review will not only look backwards at the effectiveness of the standard, but also look to the future to see how the standard can develop a more equitable culture across a broader range of organisations. Jamie Hooper, Senior Equality and Diversity Manager at Sport England, said “we appointed Sport Structures to carry out this review because of their significant knowledge of the sector and their undoubted passion to drive change in this area”.

Rebecca Gibson, Senior Business Manager, added, “We want to extensively consult with the sector to make sure the new standard reflects the needs and aspirations of the sector in addressing a broad range of inequalities to improve people’s quality of life through sport and physical activity”.

The project will feature UK wide consultation and seek to embrace best practice from industries outside the sports sector to develop a leading equality standard.

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