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Education & Training

We recognise that course organisers often have staff with the appropriate skills and expertise to deliver courses, rather than using a member of our workforce. For a small number of the qualifications we offer, mainly through 1st4Sport, we are able to work with course organisers to upskill their workforce to become recognised tutors and or assessors, if their qualifications, skills and experience meet the relevant workforce criteria. This also allows course organisers to:​

Use tutors that are familiar to the learners
Deliver the course in a flexible way
Support the professional development of their staff
Create a sustainable model for course delivery moving forward​
Be charged a reduced fee due to the removal of workforce fees

Once the tutor/assessor is approved, an orientation is required to ensure they are aware of the qualification requirements and have a relevant programme of learning. Standardisation sessions are delivered by Sport Structures annually (as a minimum) and attendance at these events is required to maintain tutor/assessor status. There is a fee per person for the orientation process.


Procees for Using Your own workforce

Where staff do not hold appropriate tutor/assessor qualifications or minimum deployment standards, we are able to signpost them to obtain these through our open programme of tutor and assessor courses or safeguarding workshops. If there are more than four members of staff that require tutor/assessor training, we can set up a course specifically at a time that works for you.

For staff that wish to tutor National Governing Body courses, it is recommended that individuals contact the relevant organisation to understand their tutor/assessor pathway and future opportunities.