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What happens if we don't have the minumum number of learners for a course? Depending on how many additional learners are required, we could increase the price per person so that the course is able to run with fewer learners. Alternatively, we could open up spaces for more learners to book via our website. We would also recommend that you check with other organisations/clubs that you have links to as they may have similar trainining needs and could put learners forward for the course.
Why is there a maximum number of learners per course? These limits are set by the awarding organisation for each course to ensure that tutors and assessors are able to offer learners the necessary support and therefore the best experience available whilst undertaking their course.
We have qualified tutors and assessors, can we use them to deliver a course? Please see our 'Using Your Own Workforce' information.
We would like to get people trained as tutors and assessors, how do we do this? Please see our 'Using Your Own Workforce' information.
Are there any discounts available? We strive to offer value for money and have adjusted prices for organisations who wish to book multiple learners onto a course. Prices will be increased for courses where Sports Structures is required to pay workforce and venue hire costs.
Do we need to provide a venue? If you are running a face-to-face course, you will need to source a venue. This could be one you own or one you hire. If there is a cost to Sport Structures for venue hire in relation to your course, this will be factored into our pricing to cover our costs. Specific information regarding venue requirements can be found on our website on the relevant course page.
How long does it take to organise a course? We require a minumum of three weeks between your course request and the start date of your course. If we are supplying workforce for the course, we will do our best to source workforce within this time. If this is not possible, we will contact you to ask for an alternative start date. The further in advance course requests are received, the more likley it is that the course will be able to run on your preferred date(s). It is also helpful if you can provide us with a couple of options for dates to give tutors/assessors.
Can I request more than one course at the same time? If you would like to run multiple courses, please contact us at with details of the courses you are interested in, the number of learners for each, and the dates you had in mind. Please also identify if you have a venue available for face to face courses and any approved workforce that you would like to use.
How do we pay for a course? We will email an invoice addressed to your organisation to the person you specify. This does not have to be the course organiser, it could be a finance department or club treasurer, for example. Please advise us of any references or purchase orders we need to quote on the invoice. Please note we are unable to invoice individuals, only organisations.


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