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To provide consultation and review of sports volunteering in the North West in order to produce a sound evidence base for the development of Sports Volunteering North West Ltd five year strategy (2007 – 2012).


Sport Structures through consultation designed and administered two online suveys for those who provide a service to volunteers and for volunteers themselves. The surveys were promoted and distributed to respondents through a variety of resources.

The project required the design of a comprehensive database to enable an opportunity to directly access potential respondents and to provide a robust database for further use by SVNW. The database was produced through desk based research and through contributions by a number of key volunteer agencies within the region.

In order to analyse the information from all methods of data collection, the data was processed through both quantitative and qualitative measures to provide statistical data analysis with visual interpretation of the results and open responses for direct feedback from the sample population.


Sport Structures produced a report concluding the consultation and review making recommendations towards the development of the SVNW strategy 2007 – 2012.