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Education & Training

We work in partnership with England Korfball to support the coordination of the 1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Korfball.

Course description

The 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching (Korfball) focuses on the skills and competences required to be able to plan, deliver and review a series of linked and progressive korfball coaching sessions, either working independently or as part of a coaching team.

The course has been designed to provide maximum accessibility and flexibility to both new and existing coaches wishing to update or gain access to a formalised level 2 coaching qualification.

Who is the course for?

The qualification is designed for those who wish to become involved in korfball as an independent coach and wish to take responsibility for the ongoing development of participants.

What’s the value of this course?

This qualification could lead to paid or voluntary roles in coaching Korfball. It is recognised by England Korfball as the minimum standard qualification for operating as an independent Korfball coach. 

Learner eligibility

Prior to registration learners are required to:
• be accurately identified
• be at least 17 years of age (but must be 18 years to coach independently)
• be able to communicate effectively in English (this includes listening, speaking,
reading and writing).
• have successfully completed one of the following courses*;
- BKA Level 1 Award or above
- IKF Level 1 Award or above
- England Korfball Teaching Children Korfball course
- England Korfball Level 1 Award or above

It is strongly recommended that learners have a minimum of 12 months experience in coaching.

*If learners do not hold one of the above awards but have 12 months coaching experience and are able to provide evidence of this (through witness testimony), they are eligible to progress straight to the Level 2 Certificate. Evidence will be required after registration.

Opportunities for existing coaches to access the 1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate

There is an opportunity for existing qualified BKA Level 2 Coaches or experienced Korfball coaches with several years’ experience who remain unqualified to gain the Level 2 Certificate. Coaches will be able to use their prior learning and experiences to avoid duplication of the learning. Further information on the elements required for completion can be found via the table on our website page (Level 2 Korfball).

If course organisers have learners that wish to access the qualification via this route, then please let us know when completing the course request form.

What is the format / duration of the course?

The course is delivered through a blended learning approach. A sample course format, along with associated learning hours, can be found below:

  • E-learning (approximately 8 hours – this can be completed as learners progress through the course)
  • 1 x 2 hour virtual classroom session
  • 2 x 8 hour face to face tutored sessions (this can be delivered in two blocks or over a period of sessions)
  • 2 x 2 hour virtual classroom sessions
  • Completion of 4 linked and progressive coaching sessions in a club environment
  • Practical assessment (in the learner’s own environment)

Please note, virtual classroom sessions can be delivered face to face if preferred.

Courses must be facilitated by an approved England Korfball tutor. Assessment must be conducted by an approved England Korfball assessor.


Learners will be required to:

  • Complete a series of assessed tasks in their 1st4Sport learner portfolio
  • Plan, deliver and evaluate 4 linked and progressive sessions in their own environment
  • Plan, deliver and evaluate 1 x 40 minute coaching session in Korfball, observed by an assessor (virtual)

If ‘in situ’ assessments are preferred, the cost per person will need to increase to cover necessary costs.

What facilities do I need to deliver a course?

In order to ensure a positive learning environment, all venues used for the delivery of 1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate are required to:

  • Comply with accepted health and safety practices
  • Have appropriate access arrangements
  • Be conducive to learning (e.g. appropriate lighting, temperature and noise levels)
  • Have access to a sports hall (with at least 2 Korfball posts)

What are the minimum / maximum numbers to run a course?

The minimum number of learners to deliver a course is 10. With one tutor, learner numbers should not exceed 16.

If the reaching the minimum number provides a challenge, please contact us via

What are the fees for hosting a course?

The cost for hosting a course is £299 per person and £345 per person if signing up within 10 days of course start date. Fees include tutor fees, mileage*, administration and course resources.

*Up to a 200 mile round trip. Course organisers will be asked to pay additional mileage if travel exceeds a 200 mile round trip at 30 pence per mile.

How can I organise a course?

If you would like to organise a course, please click on the below tab and complete the course organiser request form. It is recommended that at least 10 working days notice is provided prior to any requested course start date. The course will also require approval from England Korfball.