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Course Description  

The Level 3 Qualification in Sport for Development is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful learners to be able to support the delivery of engaging community sport and physical activity programmes.

Who is the course for: 

The course is for those individuals who are currently in junior sports development officers roles and recent university graduates that want to build upon their degree within a sport related field.  

Learner eligibility: 

-Provide an appropriate form of I.D

- Be at least 16 years of age. 

- Undertaken a Sport Development project. 

Format/ Duration:

Unit 1: Plan, deliver and evaluate community sport and physical activities programmes.

In this unit the learner will be learning about how to plan a community sport/activity programme. Develop an understanding of how to create and manage safe community sport/ physical activity programmes and how to evaluate community sport/ physical activity programmes.

Unit 2: Develop professional skills to work with communities and other stakeholders to deliver sport/physical activity.

In unit 2 the learner will gain an understanding of how to work with local and national organisations across the sector, thus managing relevant local and national agencies. Understanding the importance of professional development for effective community sport.  And finally learning about the funding and bid writing using insight to meet funders success criteria.

Unit 3: Support and encourage communities to lead healthy and active lives. 

Unit 3 will focus the importance of a healthy lifestyle on supporting and encouraging to lead healthy and active lives by giving the learner insight into barriers and enablers to a healthy lifestyle and a knowledge of how to initiate behavioural change in community sport and physical activity.


This qualification has three main assessment areas.

Practical observation

Questioning of underpinning knowledge collected via evidence collation templates.

Plans and evaluations completed during the course.


This qualification is certificated through the Sport Leaders UK. 


£450 per learner 

Payment plans are available to support individuals to pay for this course.  If you decide to go ahead with a payment plan, please pay 50% of the course fee below to secure your place and we will then contact you to arrange the next payment.

If you wish to pay in full, you will find an option to pay 100% of the course fee below.

What is the value of this course

If by the end you have shown that you can meet all the Assessment Criteria for each unit, you will have successfully passed the course and will be awarded the Level 3 Qualification in Sport for Development.

On completion of this qualification, you will be able to take on a role to lead community sport programmes that:

  • Support and encourage communities to lead healthy and active lives
  • Allow you to develop own professional skills and those of others
  • Are inclusive and safe for participants
  • Better meet stakeholder requirements and expectation

Progression opportunities 

Learners may be able to progress on to further qualifications or professional development such as: Level 3 Diploma in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity.

Registering interest. 

If you would like to to register your interest for this course please do so below. The registration of interest process is free. Your payment details are not required. You will be asked to complete your 'booking' details below but this will simply be to register your interest and not book onto a course. 

Would you like further information? 

For specific questions, please email us at  










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