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Education & Training

We have a wealth of experience delivering coach and volunteer education courses that support a variety of organisations, ranging from schools to private coaching providers. 

Why use us to organise a course?

Based on our 11 years experience, we understand the market and have fit for purpose processes in place to ensure courses run as smoothly as possible.  Through our high quality customer service, we have worked with organisations to provide one-off courses along with multiple courses over a series of days.  We also take pride in our longstanding relationships.

What we offer

We have a range of courses and workshops available to develop your coach and volunteer workforce.  Our comprehensive support allows organisations to save valuable time and administration costs.  We pride ourselves on offering face to face and e-learning formats.

How to organise a course

The process of organising a course is simple.  Once you have identified the course or workshop you wish to run, either complete the relevant course organiser form or contact us at for further information. 

We will work with you to source an appropriate workforce and complete the necessary pre and post course administration to enable effectively delivery. We have a flexible approach and will make every effort to ensure a workshop, course or qualification is able to run.

Other ways we can help

Our administration services may also be of interest to organisations who want support with their education programmes, including our online learning platform.

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