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On Wednesday 3rd March, we hosted a webinar: ‘What are Coaching Standards?’ with over 140 people in attendance. The delivery of the webinar was supported by representatives from CIMSPA, UK Coaching and UK Sport, with a special guest speaker Dr Vinny Webb. The inclusion of these organisations allowed the delegates to gain an overview and understanding of coach education from different viewpoints within the sports sector. The webinar provided an update on the developments within the sector regarding coaching standards and hopefully supported sector knowledge and understanding.

The attendees came from a range of organisations. There were  representatives from Active Partnerships, National Governing Bodies, Higher Education, National Organisations, and Private Coaching Providers. The feedback we have received from the event has been positive, following the results of the survey. Evaluation results gave a net promoter score of 8.63. In addition, there were the following comments:

“A very enjoyable webinar with a panel that were very knowledgeable regarding the subject.”

"Excellent and reassuring that we have a chance to take coaching in schools and communities."

‘It was nice to see how the sector is 'finally' coming together with it all.’

The recording of the webinar is now available to any that are interested.. If you missed the webinar and would like to access the recording,  please follow the link below

We hope to provide another webinar on the same topic in the next 6 months, showcasing real life examples of how coaching standards and apprenticeships have been used effectively.

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