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Throughout February and March our Club Matters team have been on the road hosting focus groups with the professional workforce to better understand their training needs around clubs. This follows on from a workforce survey that was completed by over 180 professional staff which delved into the behaviours, skills and knowledge required to effectively support clubs and the potential training required to develop these key areas. The results of the survey will provide the basis of a professional workforce plan leading to workshops for the sector.

We hosted sessions in London, Birmingham and Manchester with 30+ workforce members, as well as a further session with England Boxing at their West Midlands regional event. We had excellent engagement from all involved and there were some brilliant discussions over the 4 events! Our final focus group will be held with England Hockey staff members over the next week.

The findings of the research will play a crucial part in the development of CPD opportunities for professional staff over the next 18 months and results will be shared with intermediaries once analysis has taken place.

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