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Following the launch of our new online learning system last year, we have worked with a number of organisations within the sector to put their education and training courses online. In November 2020, we began working with Snowsport England to convert their Snowsport Course Organiser Award to eLearning.

The course is a basic six-hour course designed to give teachers, youth leaders and other competent persons the skills necessary to organise a snowsport course for groups, including young people, in recognised ski resorts in the UK and abroad.

This course has been a particularly exciting one to create online content for as, delivered in its traditional face to face format, it generates significant discussion and best practice sharing on the topics it covers, rather than being driven by identifying right and wrong answers. Translating this to enable the desired result ‘online’ has been a learning curve for all. To navigate this challenge, we have developed an approach using a combination of online learning and a summative tutor led virtual classroom, enabling pre learning to take place prior to idea exploration with a tutor. We have also used techniques through the online learning system capabilities to encourage the learner to consider, at various stages, how the learning applies to them, challenging thinking, rather than just completing the activities. The expansive choice of interactive activities on our online learning system, ensures the learning is thought provoking and draws on experiences.

We look forward to launching the pilot for this course in the coming months and to the full launch ready for next winter season. We also look forward to continuing our relationship with Snowsport England further to enable them to offer more of their education and training online.

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