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: Colby Brooks

We had our New Provider Monitoring Visit (NPMV) from Ofsted in April 2022. Ofsted are responsible for monitoring the quality of training from an apprenticeship provider and making judgements based on their inspection.


For a NPMV the three judgement areas are:

1) how much have leaders made in ensuring that the provider is meeting all the requirements of successful apprenticeship provision?

2) what progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that apprentices benefit from high-quality training that leads to positive outcomes for apprentices?

3) how much progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that effective safeguarding arrangements are in place?


This visit covered our Level 3 Business Administration, Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor and Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship standards that started in or after October 2020, and Ofsted scrutinised all areas of our provision which included conversations with staff, learners and employers.


The judgements are either; Significant Progress, Reasonable Progress or Insufficient Progress for each judgement area. We are delighted to say we received Reasonable Progress in all three areas. With a very small number of providers receiving Significant Progress, we felt achieving Reasonable Progress in all areas was a success.


Ross Szabo, our Ofsted nominee and Senior Apprenticeship Manager said:

“As a new provider we were keen to go through the process and get external validation of what we are doing. We’re really happy with the outcome and it shows we are working from a solid foundation that we can now push on from. The inspectors were very complimentary about a number of things we do and the most pleasing aspect for me was that they felt we had a key handle on where we were as a provider, we knew our strengths and we knew what we needed to work on. The visit has helped us to identify where we could make improvements and that is what we will be focussing on to ensure our learners and employers receive the best possible experience.”


Katherine Percival, our Managing Director added:

“We are ever so pleased with the outcome of our initial OFSTED visit. It reflects our intent to provide a relevant curriculum to meet the needs of those working in the sport and physical activity sector, which has been the foundation of our apprenticeship offer. We will use the feedback as a platform to improve further so we can continue to offer high-quality learning experiences.”