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As a training provider we are keen to always look at ways we can have a greater impact on the employers and learners we work with on our apprenticeship programmes. One way we believe we can do this is by having external scrutiny from experienced and respected professionals and so we have updated our governance structure to include a group we have called the Quality Circle. The purpose of the Quality Circle is to scrutinise the quality of our apprenticeship provision to ensure it meets the highest standards possible, providing an excellent experience for employers and learners that we engage with. Members of the Quality Circle were individually invited to the group based on their knowledge and skills and here is a brief description of the members:

  • Simon Kirkland – Director at Sport Structures
  • Katherine Robinson – Director at Sport Structures
  • Ross Szabo – Senior Business Manager at Sport Structures
  • Helen Hiley – Education Officer at CIMSPA
  • James Billingham – Director at Skills Office Network
  • Alaina Allen –  Project Manager at Walsall College

The first meeting was held in February which scoped the terms of reference for the group with further meetings scheduled quarterly to help drive forward the standard of our apprenticeship delivery.

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