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Sport Structures have worked with Sport Birmingham to understand what training and resources are on offer around mental health and general wellbeing to support the coaches, volunteers, professional workforce, and clubs and organisations. At present, the offer is unclear, and there is a need to provide a clear pathway to the most appropriate training/resources for each group.

This information will firstly be used at Sport Birmingham but then wider with partners and B2B across the Active Partnership network to allow a clear understanding through a gap analysis surrounding this area of work which will in turn lead to a more joined up approach.


It has been a pleasure working with Sport Structures on this very crucial piece of work. From discussing the initial concept through to completion of the work, we have been very impressed with their passion and attention to detail . COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the mental health of the nation, so being able to source the most appropriate and relevant training to support clubs, organisations and their participants has never been more important. This mental health training review will make it easier to find and access the most suitable training and resources and we look forward to growing our already fantastic relationship with Sport Structures.

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