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We have been working with British Dressage over the last two years in supporting them in the development of judge training and assessment. The governing body identified the need to further upskill a very experienced judge training workforce with more formal tutor and assessor training. Initially, non-accredited training was offered to the judge training workforce. This was followed up with an opportunity for the workforce to consolidate this into a formal qualification.

In this last week a number of Judges progressed through the 1st4sport Tutor and Assessor level 3 qualification through virtual classroom delivery. The two-day course enabled the Judge Educators to learn new skills in delivery, especially online and develop new thinking about assessment practice. The Judges will now complete the qualification through delivery and assessment of Judges.

Tutor Simon Kirkland said “I had a very experienced group of Judges, some of whom were of international standing. It was wonderful to see them challenge themselves particularly in the new world of virtual classroom delivery

Charlotte Osborne from British Dressage said “We have been working with Sport Structures for the last 2 years on upskilling existing workforce as well as helping those wishing to become Judge Educators meet the new pre requisites of a formal delivery qualification. We have recently developed a new judge education programme and to ensure it is delivered in an effective way we felt it was important to help our workforce further grow their skills. The virus has meant we have had to adapt our original delivery plan from face to face to digital, the tutoring and assessing course has helped our workforce to develop extra skills and improve tutor confidence when providing online sessions

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