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Our Time to Listen workshop have been in high demand this year, providing a fantastic opportunity for Club Welfare Officers (CWO) to share different experiences they have encountered within their roles. Working as a CWO you can be exposed to a variety of safeguarding issues. This workshop provides a great platform to stimulate forward-thinking conversation, allowing participants to discuss and understand best practice when faced with different safeguarding scenarios.


Earlier this year we ran a workshop for UK Goalball which was extremely valuable for all involved, learning more about the sport and how the CWO role can be tailored to meet the needs of participants.

“Everyone that attended the course really enjoyed it and got something from it. The course was tailored to the people that took part (Slides beforehand due to visual impairment)”


Further information and workshop dates can be found on our Time to Listen page or visit our workshops page to view our full range of workshops.

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