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County Durham Sport have recently appointed Sport Structures to conduct an independent organisation equality, diversity and inclusion review and to support them in their future direction.


The initial review was completed through desk based research, an insight led approach, an inclusive staff audit, and consultation with their ED & I lead, as well as stakeholders in the county.

An overview report was formed that enabled County Durham Sport to look at themselves internally as an organisation, and externally regarding their role in equality, diversity and inclusion in sport and physical activity in the County. We approached reporting a little differently, in that the staff team were fully engaged. A video report was created for staff and Board members to watch, followed by a facilitation session. It became a facilitative dialogue about the findings and the “so what”. It was key to us that we embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the work and culture of the organisation. This dialogue helped to shape some key recommendations confirmed in a report, and their approach to ED & I which was at this stage now embedded in their strategic vision, mission and priorities.

Our support for County Durham Sport, working with their ED & I lead with overall operational management responsibility, in a mentoring role. We provided ongoing and regular strategic and operational dialogue, bespoke staff training, and advisory support for workstream priorities.



Equality, diversity and inclusion is not seen as a separate action plan, but it is embedded into operational planning and a contribution that everyone in the organisation makes. There is a clarity about target audience, route to market, and ideas on how the Active Partnership can influence a more inclusive sport and physical activity provision in the County over the next 10 years.

Becks Lippe Director of operations at County Durham Sport went on to say

"Sport Structures spent the time understanding us as an organisation, where we were in relation to ED&I and where we needed to focus our attention to ensure the development of this work was total embedded into the foundations of our work."

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