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On Thursday 13th June we hosted our 2nd Club Matters conference at Villa Park in Birmingham. The main aim of the event was to showcase solutions to partners in the room about how they can develop their workforce (professional and volunteers) and their communities through Club Matters and Sport Structures.

The day itself consisted of six workshops as well as a keynote from Head of Clubs at Sport England, Rosie Benson. The six workshops on across the day were:

  • Developing individual volunteers and the tutor/assessor workforce
  • Developing your workforce through apprenticeships
  • Verifying Club Mark (Clubmark licensees only)
  • Using Club Matters workshop for you and your communities
  • Making Club Matters work for you
  • Club Leadership Teams - workshop taster

The workshops were a huge success with lots of positive feedback and conversations about how they could be taken back and used within active partnerships, national governing bodies and wider stakeholders. Attendees stated that the most valuable parts of the day were:

  • “Understanding more about Club Matters and what it offers”
  •  “Good networking with other Active Partnerships which doesn’t happen often”
  • “A good day, a lot of useful information that generated a number of thoughts and ideas to take back to the office to then look at how we use the information”
  • “Good, short, sharp sessions worked really well”
  • “The most valuable part of the day was finding out flexible approaches to the way people are using Club Matters workshops”

52 people attended the conference and we were over the moon to hear that everyone took something away from the event!


For more information on Club Matters please visit the website:


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