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As an organisation that supports the development of groups and individuals in the sector, we are excited to share this opportunity to reinvigorate the sports community following the coronavirus pandemic.

CIMSPA launched the ReTrain to ReTain initiative in September, offering training, tools, and resources to 50,000 sports coaches and volunteers across the country.

With £5 million of funding from Sport England and support from UK Coaching and EMD UK, the scheme aims to tackle the disruption caused by the pandemic by providing skills and support to those returning to action in the sports community.

Benefits for eligible ReTrain to ReTain participants include training and eLearning courses from UK Coaching, access to CIMSPA’s Digital Marketing Hub, and a job matching service with CIMSPA employer partners.

Immediate support is available for anyone involved in the delivery of sport or physical activity in England, with the scheme providing funded training resources such as first aid and risk assessment.

uk coaching retrain to retain benefits

The scheme specifically targets 25,000 volunteer coaches who work in areas of economic deprivation or with under-represented groups, aiming to not only return them to their roles in the sports community, but reinforce the confidence and motivation which was challenged by the global pandemic.

The nationwide initiative also aligns closely with Sport England’s Uniting the Movement strategy, and CIMSPA chief executive Tara Dillon expressed her confidence in furthering the strategy’s goals of tackling inequality and unemployment.

She said: “ReTrain to ReTain will be a major boost to the sport and physical activity community, enabling many thousands of professionals to stay in, or return to, the sector.

“From sports coaches to personal trainers, swimming teachers and group exercise instructors, everyone has a vital role to play in keeping the nation physically and mentally healthy as we continue to recover from Covid-19."

Information about eligibility for the ReTrain to ReTain initiative can be found here.

Applications for the initiative are open until 31 March 2022 and can be made here.

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