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We have worked with Aston Villa Football club over the past 12 months to develop and implement a fans survey looking at the knowledge, perception and satisfaction of the fans to their commercial partners. The survey was first developed at the beginning of the 2018/19 football season and sent out to a sample of the Aston Villa fans. This was followed up with the same survey being sent to other samples of their fans in January and again in June 2019. This method was developed in order to understand the impact of sponsorship across a season and show the commercial partners the value of their sponsorship.

Aston Villa are pleased with the outcomes of the surveys and we are currently in the process of redeveloping this for the 2019/20 season.

Mark Knott, Head of Data and Insight at Aston Villa Football Club said “Sports Structures have helped us with fan surveys and how to best apply this data to benefit the club and our Partners, whilst advising us of how to refine our approach using industry best practice. This has become a key part of understanding our fanbase across many key business areas.”

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