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Sport Structures Ltd was commissioned to provide an independent evaluation of the Sporting Champions programme and as result added further evaluation material and a control group of young people


The report was a review of the Sporting Champions programme from June 2011 to March 2013. The data presented information from the four data sources identified below and secondary data from the national portal for Sportivate. The national portal collates data online from all Sportivate projects delivered across the country including those that identified having a visit from a Sporting Champion. The data contained within the report was based on a sample of 187 host organisation responses, 241 Sporting Champions responses and 615 young person responses.

The research included a questionnaire asking young people to rate the value of the Sporting Champion’s visit to them in terms of inspiration and motivation. This method allows us to look at the three major categories of people involved in the Sporting Champions programme and to use the control group to establish the impact of the programme


The final report and case studies informed the delivery of the programme and the effective use of Sporting Champions within the Sportivate programme.