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Our Partners

In December 2017 we were contracted as Sport England’s Club Matters provider for Clubmark and Club Matters workshops. We are one of four Club Matters providers, and we work closely with the rest of the supplier team to support their roles in programme management, technical development and communications and PR. We were initially awarded a one-year contract, a contract that was extended for a further six months until May 2019 as a result of the success of the delivery.

There are two elements to our work:

Club Matters workshops: We currently offer five face to face workshops, which are:
• Developing a business plan
• Understanding the options for club structures
• Developing a marketing strategy
• Club experience
• Club volunteer experience

Since taking on the contract, we have recruited a new tutor workforce, working closely with them to ensure the delivery of the workshops is of the highest quality and of most relevance to those in the room. We have also reviewed the content of each workshop to ensure it is up to date and appropriate. We are currently working to increase the resource that sits around each workshop to build on the impact that they can have for club management teams when back in their day to day roles.

We are managing Sport England’s national club accreditation scheme – Clubmark. We manage the programme to ensure clubs can gain Clubmark accreditation through the online portal. Our role to date has focussed on working closely with Clubmark licensees (NGBs and CSPs) to support their role in Clubmark and, through them, to build a sustainable programme. We have worked extensively on the training of assessors, both new and existing to improve the quality of experience clubs have when going through Clubmark. We have also been reviewing the processes and procedures in place to achieve the same result – a high quality journey through Clubmark.

This project is ongoing and we are delighted to continue to be part of the team that is driving a positive change in Sport England’s approach to club support.