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Our Partners


We are working partnership with Lifetime Training to support the delivery of the Level 2 Certificate in Multi-Skills Development in Sport. This qualification is being delivered as part of the Community Activator Coach standard through the Coach Core apprenticeship programme.

In October, the first level 2 multi-skills certificate course took place at Devon FA Headquarters in Newton Abbot.


The course was delivered by experienced tutors Gareth, Nathan and Donna.  This provided the apprentices with a mix of experience and different teaching styles, keeping the days more engaging. The first day and a half consisted of practical teaching within a classroom environment as this was more appropriate to the apprentices and the logistics of their apprenticeship. Different teaching and learning activities were set up in order to enable the apprentices to develop a deeper understanding of each topic and to make the subject matter relatable to them, drawing upon their own experiences within their workplaces and beyond. The following sessions focused on the practical application of multi skills. Apprentices took part in ‘modelled’ tutored and were encouraged to think of other activities that could be included. Mini sessions were then delivered by the apprentices which included both peer and tutor feedback. This supported the apprentices in their preparation for their final assessment.


9 apprentices successfully completed the qualification. The employers have all expressed that the apprentices have improved their confidence in planning and delivery of multi skills sessions. All apprentices thoroughly enjoyed the course and have used the knowledge with subsequent coaching sessions they have been involved with.

“I really enjoyed the Multi skills Level 2 course as it was important that I gained more experience and confidence in other sports. Multi skills allows kids to break away from their normal routine and try something new, developing their fundamental skills, which creates an extra level of eagerness and enthusiasm when playing a new sport and I'm proud to be part of this wonderful cycle. I was very intrigued in how deep we went into the fundamental and specific type of skills we should focus on when planning a multi sports session.”

                                                     Lewis Jenkins – Coach Core Devon Apprentice 2019/20