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Jessica was tasked with coordinating and facilitating the update of 6 engagement resources in May 2019. The aim was to update the information and ensure they effectively communicated the key messages to the target market. The resources were based on the following topics:

  • Effective engagement
  • Engagement through research and insight
  • Accessible and inclusive communications
  • Engaging older people
  • Understanding children and young people
  • Supporters’ roles in engaging disabled people

In addition to this there was also a requirement to create the content for 2 new resources:

  • Performance measurement and learning
  • Gathering and using insight on disabled people

Once these resources were developed, webinars were then recorded as a next step for intermediaries to find out more information on each of the topics and be aware of the FAQs related.


All topics had an Activity Alliance team member assigned for Jessica to consult with. Once initial consultations were had with each team member, draft content was drawn up and updates were made. Drafts were shared with key partners to check and challenge to ensure accurate and reliable resources were being created. The process took a while to ensure all resources were suitable and timeless in their approach where possible.

The two new topics required starting from scratch therefore working groups were created with designated Activity Alliance staff. These topics often prove difficult for organisations to implement so it was key that the messaging was clear and useful tips were provided.

The webinars were based on FAQs related to each of the topics and/or provided an opportunity to discuss the topic in more detail. Each of the webinars were delivered differently based on the topic to ensure fit for purpose. The designated Activity Alliance staff were the deliverers for them all, except the Performance Measurement and Learning webinar which was completed by Jessica and Jobeth.


8 new resources were created and are now available on the Activity Alliance website. Subsequent webinars are being released in due course.