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Our Partners


We were contracted from the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion department of the Football Association (FA) in 2017 to develop and deliver training for the County FA Inclusion Advisory Groups (IAGs). We have delivered a total of 9 conference style workshops across 3 years.


We started by developing the concepts and potential activities that met the needs of County FAs and IAGS. This began with supporting IAGs to be clear on their role and for IAG chairs to manage effective meetings and good governance. As this was the third year of deliverer, we wanted to progress the equality subject areas and also keep people informed of the work of the FA in this area. The workshops were delivered in three different parts of the country in Football venues. After the FA update, we challenged the groups to consider the wider equality issues in society and how these are being catered for or considered in football. We utilised scenarios, thought provoking videos, facilitation and networking. It stimulated great debate and conversations and it was fantastic to see people thinking and sharing good practice.  


We have delivered geographically spread workshops across England for 3 years. We have received very positive feedback from delegates and the FA. We continue to support the FA to consider future learning and development opportunities that meet the varying needs of the audiences that attend these workshop events for example the FA IAGs need support to assist them to be effective in their function and for County FAs need support regarding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

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