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Our Partners


We have worked closely with England Korfball to develop their coach education provision. It was identified that the sport needed a qualification for club coaches across the home countries (Wales, Scotland and England).


We supported Korfball to develop a business case, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of developing a qualification versus a non accredited course. It was decided that a qualification was the most valuable option for existing and potential coaches within the sport. We worked closely with 1st4Sport qualifications to develop the qualification specification and learner portfolio, along with Korfball technical experts to develop the sport specific content. This helped us to develop the learning programme and support resources.


The first 1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Korfball was delivered in August 2016 at Avon Tyrrell. The feedback from the course was positive.

“I can thoroughly develop my university club’s basic skills and teach fresher's in a fun way”

“It has improved my Knowledge of tactics, game play, rules, coaching methods”

“It's given me ideas of sessions to teach others and has provided many tactical techniques”