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Our Partners


We were contracted to develop a programme of education and training for National Referee Instructors (FRIP) to be relevant to all nations across the FIBA international zones.


Following a scoping meeting, we agreed to develop a series of resources for the programme based on the Level 4 Education and Training qualification. These resources included;

  • A home study pack to guide learners
  • An online learning guide to support the home study pack, to be held on the FIBA online learning portal
  • An online assessment of knowledge, based on the home study and online learning resources
  • A two day face-to-face workshop of teaching and learning to build on the home study pack and online learning
  • Online learning assessment to test knowledge, understanding and application from the intense face-to-face session


The first course delivered to over 60 European instructors was a great success and the modified programme is being rolled out across each continental regional zone.

The evaluation of the initial FRIP level 1 programme has led to a Level 2 for International Regional Instructors and a Level 3 for Global Instructors.