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We are delighted to announce that we are continuing our work as part of the Sport England Club Matters team until March 2025.

Over the past 4 years we have delivered 543 workshops to 5475 club volunteers, supported 195 professional workforce members and continued to achieve satisfaction levels averaging 94% since 2018, through what can only be described as a strange few years adapting to the restraints and effects of the pandemic.

Our role moving forward won’t change but it is evolving to meet the needs of Uniting the Movement and will allow us to continue to support clubs/groups, volunteers and the professional workforce in a more flexible and innovative, learner led approach.

Check out our Club Matters work in numbers below:

Number of Workshops Run This Year 195
Last Year (19/20) 217
Year 18/19 109
Year 17/18 22
Year 16/17 75
Number of Workshop Attendees This Year 1,950
Last Year (19/20) 1,798
Year 18/19 1,440
Year 17/18 287
Year 16/17 780
Workshop Satisfaction % - Attendees This Year 94%
Last Year (19/20) 90%
Year 18/19 72%
Workshop Satisfaction % - Organisers This Year 94%
Last Year (19/20 92%
Year 18/19 87%


Niall Judge, Development Manager at Sport England said: “Club Matters is excited to be continuing our partnership Sport Structures.

"Over the past 18 months the learning opportunities that have been provided by Sport Structures have been invaluable to the volunteers who make sport happen and the workforce that support them.

"As we continue to work with Sport Structures, this offers us an opportunity to build on this fantastic base and design relevant, inclusive and innovative ways for individuals to engage in learning, striving to address inequality in sport and physical activity.”

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