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Webinar 3: Sport for Development

Webinar 3: Sport For Development

23rd February 2022

  • Welcoming different communities to the sector
  • Upskilling current staff in new roles
  • Guest Speakers: Lucy Supperstone (Sports Leaders), Gary Laybourne (Coach Core), Adele Tomey (Places Leisure)

Catch up with Webinar 3 now:

Gary Laybourne

CEO of Coach Core, Gary provided a first-hand account of using people plans and workforce development strategy to build more diverse organisations....

Lucy Supperstone

Director of Standards and Innovation at Sports Leaders, Lucy shed light on the new Sport for Development qualification and how it can align with the current industry standards....

Adele Tomey

Head of Learning and Development at Places Leisure, Adele detailed how people plans for current staff can be implemented for an extended period of time, driving professional and organisational progression....

Sarah Mortiboys

Senior Manager of Special Programmes at UK Coaching, Sarah joined the panel with a unique perspective on Sport for Development and its role in coach education....