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: Ross Szabo

If you work in the sport and physical activity sector and you’ve ever been asked about your job or more specifically the industry you work in, you may be able to relate to this experience.

In response to the question you may say you work in the sport industry, and this is where the questioner will often jump in and say something like ‘oh so you coach?’ or ‘do you play sport then?' Shocking as it may seem to these people, it is possible that individuals can work in the sport and physical activity sector and not be involved in playing or coaching sport.

Our industry is full of businesses of all shapes and sizes and all businesses require fundamental elements such as management and administration. We don’t discriminate against those who have or continue to play or coach sport, in fact, quite often the business leaders in our sector come from those backgrounds and it helps drive their passion for the job they have. But we also need to be clear that key business skills are needed just as much in our industry as any other, and fortunately our business apprenticeships offer opportunities for those staff starting their career as well as more senior staff looking to develop these skills further. They're perfect for individuals who want to operate in a business setting and include a number of benefits for employers wanting to enrol apprentices onto these programmes.

Those benefits include; the ability to train employees in your company’s ethos, the development of a skills and qualified workforce, cost effective recruitment and training through the apprenticeship funding and an opportunity to create a development pathway creating a motivated and loyal workforce.

So if you want to ensure the workforce you have are highly skilled to support your organisational goals, then check out our business apprenticeships to see which ones suit you best here.