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After 4 months of interviews, surveys, data analysis and a literature review, we have now wrapped up phase one of the Equality Standard for Sport review. We are really pleased with the engagement from across the sector showing just how important it is to many organisations that we truly understand how to make our sector more equal, diverse and inclusive. Phase one concentrated on the experiences organisations have had whilst progressing through the Standard, both positive and negative, and how they feel it has helped them progress their work on the equality agenda. We also compared to other benchmarking standards, both inside and outside of the sector, to understand what else is available, how they link and what can we learn.

In phase two, we will be ‘shaping the future’. We have already run a series of consultation sessions that invite organisations to give their thoughts on the future of the offer, and we will be working closely with the Sports Council Equality Group to set out the preferred approach.

Thank you to all those who have been involved in helping us with our work so far.

If you are interested in finding out more about the progress to date, please let us know. We would also welcome conversations with any organisations with clear views about how we can drive successful change in this area, particularly organisations who are new to the sector in recent years.

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