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In March we welcomed Freddie Burn on a six week placement from Sheffield Hallam University. Freddie is now in his final week of his placement with us, as a result we thought this was the perfect time to ask him a few questions about his time at Sport Structures, his future ambitions and his love for sport.

Why did you choose to do your placement at Sport Structures?

"When I began looking for a work placement, I was eager to work in sport, and more specifically sport development. When I came across the Sports Project Coordinator role offered by Sport Structures it seemed like a great opportunity, as I would be able to develop my knowledge of the sport business industry and gain valuable experience in the sector at a reputable company with an excellent track record."

What have you learnt out of your placement?

"I’ve developed much more of an understanding of the industry by working with sport business and education. By performing interesting and relevant research tasks I was able to develop this understanding, and gain a further insight into sport development. Another key aspect was working in an office environment. I’d had no prior experience to working in an office, so learning how to work and communicate effectively in this environment was important to me. Everyone at Sport Structures has helped with this by making me feel welcome, and helping me if I ever had an issue."

How are you finding University?

"My degree is going well and is starting to become very challenging! My course (Sport Studies) has been great so far, and has tested the way I think about sport. By learning about the formations of sport, sport and the media and sport and community development my knowledge of the sporting world has improved, and allowed me to have a different perspective on it. As I enter my third and final year, with exams and a dissertation on the horizon, I can certainly reflect on the past two years as a great experience."

What are your future ambitions/goals?

"I still hope to work in the sport development industry once I have finished my degree. My passion for sport remains, and to be able to work in an industry that constructs, facilitates and develops something that I love so much would be a great opportunity for me. If I can make any sort of difference in the sporting landscape it would mean a great deal to me."

Why do you enjoy sport?

"I believe sport has the power to bring about change in people’s lives, and can bring about unparalleled opportunities in communities. For some people, sport is the only thing they have in their lives, and as I said previously, to be able to provide this by facilitating sport would fulfil a passion I’ve had since I was very young."

Freddie has been a brilliant attribute to the Sport Structures team over the last six week and we wish him all the best in the future.

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