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Over the past 7 years we have been working with a range of organisations in the sport and physical activity sector to provide apprenticeship opportunities for their workforce. Apprenticeships are a great option for individuals who want industry accredited training that can be completed alongside a job, therefore allowing the learning to be put into practice and consolidated. In our experience, we would summarise apprenticeships in one word: “positive!” It is the single most common word we hear when asking for feedback from employers and apprentices. It also nicely summarises the feelings apprentices get when they are offered their apprenticeship or further progression and achieve their qualifications. Employers also use this term to encapsulate the good feeling they have gained by offering an opportunity to a local individual and playing a role in helping that individual to grow and develop. This vital component of industry is a conveyor belt for creating skilled workers that meet the needs of businesses at a local level.

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular with greater awareness of what they are and how they can benefit both apprentices and employers. We’ve been delighted to be involved in the training and support of our apprentices and their employers and to see first-hand the positive outcomes from this training and employment route. Keep an eye out this week for examples of learners and employers we’ve supported.

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