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Gee was one of the first apprentices to be enrolled on to our Level 3 Community Sport and Health Officer apprenticeship back in September 2019. We are proud that she has been able to achieve so much over the past year whilst on her apprenticeship. We want to thank Gee for the positive impact she has been able to have on the community throughout this difficult year, especially her work in supporting members of the local are that are facing mental health challenges. We are delighted that she has been offered a fulltime position at WWSET following her apprenticeship!

Gee had this to say about her experience on the Community Sport and Health Officer apprenticeship – “My apprenticeship opened the door for me to be able to become a community role model within my local area. I have come into the apprenticeship as a Community Sports and Health Officer, with coaching experience and I am leaving the apprenticeship with a full-time title at Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust as a health delivery officer, with lots of new experiences, skills and knowledge gained. I am grateful for the opportunity to have an apprenticeship with Sports Structures as I have been able to work towards my career goals whilst completing my apprenticeship, and without it, I do not know whether I would have managed to take that first step into the sporting industry.” 

Sam White, Head of Health at WWSET had this to say about Gee’s following her achievement - “Gee has come into WWSET am quite literally hit the ground running. Her passion and positivity has been infectious, she is so keen to learn and connect with her community. Gee was born for this role and we are so pleased to have been able to offer Gee a full-time opportunity after her apprenticeship.” 

Gee’s tutor for her apprenticeship, Gill Prince, had this to say - “Since I first met Gee, she has constantly impressed me with her mature, highly-motivated and independent attitude to her apprenticeship.  COVID and the lockdowns (especially the first one) had a significant impact on her role of Community Sport and Health Officer, putting a stop to the face-to-face sessions she had worked hard to initiate and develop. However, Gee used her furlough time to consider how sessions can be adapted to make them COVID-safe.  On returning to work, she put her new ideas into effect and continues to have a positive impact on the people she is working with.  Her achievements are already being recognised and she has secured a permanent role at WWFC as a Health Delivery Officer.  I wish Gee all the best for the future.  She has been a joy to work with and deserves all the accolades coming her way.”

We wish Gee all the success in finishing off her apprenticeship programme and her future endeavours in supporting the local community through her work at Wycombe Wanders Sports and Education Trust!

For more information on Gee’s achievement see the link below.

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