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Developing People in Sport


British Dressage identified a funding led pathway that was not relevant to the nature of their sport. This was not only the athlete pathway but also those emerging into performance and supporting this process.

How did it all begin?

As an Olympic and Paralympic sport, British Dressage needs a progressive pathway for the people in the sport to progress into being a Rider, Coach, Judge or working in the sport. We firstly worked with British Dressage to develop the quality and qualification of judge and coach tutoring and assessing, in the first place non-regulated and then as appropriate for the workforce to gain a regulated qualification.

"The management and admin skills do translate to our internal staff and there are aspects on here that invite staff to job opportunities in the wider office. We are planning on cherry-picking structures from the apprenticeships to help upskill staff."   
Charlotte Osborne, British Dressage

As we worked with the organisation more, we collectively identified that the pathway had originally been led with funding in mind, as opposed to what was the best pathway for the riders or workforce. In developing a holistic workforce pathway, we identified in partnership with British Dressage how to support and train people through using Apprenticeship and internal funding. The pathway now enables people from a broad background to progress through employment and training to reach their aspiration.

How have we supported them?

British Dressage’s undertook a comprehensive review of their workforce development programmes, gaining feedback from all stakeholders involved. We took this information and facilitated sessions with key decision makers exploring what opportunities were available and how a blend of funded and non-funded provision could work to build an effective workforce development pathway suitable for all.

What has been the impact?

British Dressage have removed funded programmes that targeted the same age individuals and have embraced a wider workforce pathway including apprenticeships from level 2 to level 5. The new approach is a blend of funded training which is complemented by British Dressage qualifications and mentoring and coaching.

This new inclusive approach includes training in areas such as equine groom, marketing and business management. This allows all roles within the industry to engage in professional development and will ensure a workforce fit for the future is being created and retained within the Dressage industry.

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