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In 2017 Hannah Winsbury was employed as the National Development Officer at England Korfball. Her role allowed her to work remotely the majority of the time however between one to two days a week we was based at our offices in Birmingham and became part of the Sport Structures team.

Before Hannah left we spoke to her about her time with England Korfball and got her opinion on her time with Sport Structures.

"I was hosted by Sport Structures during my role as National Development Officer at England Korfball for around eighteen months.

During that time, I really felt like part of the team at Sport Structures. I was always included in everything – team meetings, staff training and staff socials! I never felt like a remote worker, or an employee from another organisation. I was always valued and appreciated by the team.

I really enjoyed my time working with Sport Structures. There is a fantastic culture within the office. Flexible working is important, and staff are trusted to manage their own time. As a result, they’re motivated and work hard to make sure key outcomes are met. It’s a very social office, and everyone gets along with one another. You really feel like part of the team – even if you’re from another organisation!

I was line managed by Sport Structures during my time as National Development Officer and found this really help to manage and monitor my workload. I always felt as though I could raise any concerns, and there was always someone in the office who could help you with their expertise and knowledge."

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