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Sport Business

We offer a client centered approach to support workforce development. We strive to make it as simple as possible for you to achieve your training and business objectives no matter how complex your needs. Our award-winning staff bring experience and solutions which have made a tangible impact and return on investment.

We specialise in offering seven key services to support individuals and organisations:

  • Quality assurance
    Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in working across a range of sports and qualifications to develop a quality assurance strategy and infrastructure. We can coordinate and manage your quality assurance implementation (based on strategy), ensuring you achieve regulatory and quality compliance. Tap into our insight and reporting services to support a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Coach developer support
    The role of the coach developer is crucial to providing high quality coach education. We offer accredited and non-accredited training to support tutors, assessors, mentors and quality assurers. We have also developed a range of bespoke solutions to understand gaps in knowledge and application to support continual professional development.
  • Business review of service delivery
    Improve your efficiency: we work with you to review operational systems and processes, considering business models to provide sustainability and an excellent customer experience. We are able support with the organisational transition where required.
  • Outsourced administration
    We offer a cost-effective solution to assist organisations with the smooth running of their education programmes, eliminating overheads. Take advantage of our proven processes in facility sourcing, marketing, quality assurance, workforce and customer management.
  • Workforce auditing and planning
    We will work with you to develop an audit and subsequent plan that identifies your workforce needs based on skills, competencies, knowledge and experience.Consideration will also be given to relevant national standards. From the audit and qualitative data, we will identify skills gaps and develop a workforce plan (organisational and individual) that will take into account the need for both formal and informal training. 
  • Organisational and staff continual professional development
    Our accredited and non accredited workshops and courses are designed to help you develop skills, knowledge and application. We offer training in governance and leadership, social media and marketing, club development, equality and diversity and professional staff development.
  • Qualification and course development
    We have significant experience of developing qualifications and supporting partners with the process of qualification development but not confess to be an awarding body. We also recognise that not all training needs to be regulated. We work with partners to develop and provide non-accredited courses and workshops based on environments, roles, audiences and the soft skills required to deliver a safe and quality learning experience.

We endeavour to work with each partner to ensure the approach meets expectations

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