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Sport Business

We are committed to working in partnership with you to achieve your workforce needs. We strive to make it as simple as possible for you to achieve your training and business objectives no matter how complex your needs. Our award-winning staff bring experience and solutions, which will make a tangible impact and provide a return on investment. All our work aligns you and your organisation to the latest thinking and developments both within and outside of the sector.

People in sport – strategic development

Our work supports organisations to consider a vision for workforce development that matches their organisational goals such as growing participation, reaching new audiences or performance. We create strategic and implementation plans with a review / plan / do solution framework. This will consider changes in how people can become qualified and ensure workforce development changes successfully land through delivery structures.

Insight & impact

For effective strategic development, we can help organisations to understand the size, make-up, capacity, capabilities, and motivations of their workforce. We can match this with the workforce needs required to deliver overarching strategic objectives and customer / participant expectations. Our methodology enables insight to become baseline data that can be tracked overtime and utilised in impact assessment.

Supporting implementation

We can support organisations with various workforce development solutions.

  • Work based training solutions - We offer advice/expertise to support organisations to identify and embed apprenticeship training to best meet workforce and organisational needs. We also offer industry relevant, high quality, funded learning opportunities to support both ‘on pitch’ (coaching/tutoring) and ‘off pitch’ (including management and leadership) delivery
  • Workplace based assessment solutions – We offer workplace-based assessment processes to enable a more competence-based approach to learning and development. We have a network of qualified and experienced assessors and can support organisations to upskill their assessors accordingly.
  • Learning and development services – Our approach, sector intelligence and expertise enables us to offer learning and development services for coaches, officials, volunteers and professional staff. We can support organisations to map their learner journey, design effective provision, and develop new content. These solutions are learner centred, and where relevant, aligned to professional standards.
  • Continual Professional Development provision - We offer a suite of industry relevant, high quality, learning and development training opportunities for coaches, officials, volunteers, professional staff, tutors, assessors, quality assurers and mentors. We have an open course programme offering face to face, remote and virtual delivery and work in partnership to deliver training to specific groups
  • Support services – We offer project management and / or administration services. This can involve (but is not limited to) course registration, venue bookings, workforce recruitment/allocation/management/orientation, targeted course delivery, learner communications, management of licenses, membership engagement, resource ordering and certification.
  • Online learning solution- We have an exciting online learning platform that enables interactive, fun, flexible and distance learning. The platform provides two distinct offers: Organisations can use this platform for their own training. Services include content development, content implementation, branding and hosting. 2. Organisations can from access our online course content which can be contextualised where appropriate.

Quality Assurance

We can support organisations to embed a quality assurance approach based on risk management, with optional ongoing management support. This ensures quality standards are met effectively throughout the learner journey and drives continual professional development and best practice. Organisations can also benefit from our network of quality assurers or we can support the management of an existing quality assurance workforce.


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