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Sport England South West commissioned Sport Structures to deliver and evaluate focus group consultation of different minority groups for the South West about the Sport England Equality and Inclusion in Sport Strategy.

The research provided region wide information to inform for the development of the Equality and Inclusion in Sport Strategy for the South West.


Focusing on 6 focus group areas; including women and girls, Ethnic Minorities, disabled people, older people, people/communities in areas of health inequalities and people/communities in socially and economically disadvantaged areas.

The consultation was divided into a multi-methodological approach consisting of 6 phases of research;

  • Active research at ‘Levelling the Playing Field – Embracing Equality in Sport in the South West’
  • Development of an online and hardcopy consultation
  • Provision of evaluation of consultation responses
  • Development of training materials for focus group consultation
  • One day orientation training with focus group lead delivers
  • Collation of responses of those consulted


The focus group consultation provided a forum for active learning and discussion of equality in the South West. This was analysed in addition to the survey based consultation to provide key information to inform Sport England South West on the development of the Equality and Inclusion in Sport Strategy.

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