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The aim of the project was to provide a focused audit in relation to the Nottingham New Deal for Communities - Radford and Hyson Green. The audit was to inform and identify connectivity with other partners and to highlight potential links with other organisations in regard to the Respect Agenda.


A three-phased approach was adopted for the project; DESIGN – COLLATE & ANALYSE - REPORT. Each phase was developed for specific outcomes and outputs that contributed to the final audit aim. The approach adopted a 6 phase process to provide audit information and analysis of the key areas:

  1. Strategy
  2. Assets (built)
  3. Capacity (Workforce)
  4. Existing Activities
  5. Club Structures
  6. Partnerships

A multi-methodological approach was developed utilising semi-structured interviews, a questionnaire and desk based research to provide data relating to the 6 areas. The report phase of the project provided graphical representation and interpretative analysis of key findings alongside raw baseline data.


The research process has highlighted the potential for more connectivity with partners, organisations at both a strategic and local level. Links were identified with cross cutting strategy, partnerships, facilities used, and overlap of activities and activity objectives. The audit report identifies important findings in relation to gaps, opportunities, connection and disconnection in the Radford and Hyson Green area.

The report will be utilised to inform the Nottingham Respect Agenda action plan and potentially utilised as a template for other partner areas implementing the Respect Agenda.

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