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We provided a series of standards that National Governing Bodies (NGBs) could work towards through a self-assessment process to demonstrate that the NGB is Fit for Purpose.


To provide a series of standards for NGBs, an audit process was developed which evolved into statements for NGBs to work towards. Sport Structures set in place field-testing with a sample of NGBs which led to a focus group to advise progress.

The statements were linked to the Fit for Purpose management audit carried out with NGBs and were divided into six sections with associated standards:

Governance: Operating within an effective corporate governance framework.

Financial control: Operating with transparent, robust financial controls.

Financial reporting: Operating an effective system of financial planning and reporting.

Policy and Procedures: Ensuring all policies and procedures in place are up to date, compliant with current legislation, approved by the Board and are clearly communicated to all staff and key office holders.

Strategic Planning: Effectively monitored our performance against agreed targets approved by the Board.

Human resources: Operating within a best practice HR framework, ensuring all staff have up to date contracts of employment compliant with current legislation and implementing appropriate staff management and performance management systems.


The Assurance statements were accepted by Sport England and NGBs as a useful tool of measurement. The statements have since been developed into an online tool for NGBs to carry out self-assessment.

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