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The review into integrated equity support examined the current operation of the three key equity partners, English Federation of Disability Sport, Sporting Equals and Women’s Sports Foundation with the aim of the project to “develop a cost effective structure that addresses the widening of access and participation in sport from disadvantaged communities and individuals”.


The project was split into 3 distinct phases, Asking, Shaping and Agreeing. The asking phase focused on consultation with key delivery agencies within sport, on the equity partners, on key funding agencies (Sport England and DCMS) and other relevant partners either from within or out with of sport. Phase two built on the findings from the first phase developing the conclusion and key issues to shape the development of a goal for sports equity building on the policy lead given through the Sport England No Limits Equity policy. From this a delivery structure was developed ensuring it met the needs of those delivering sports equity at a national, regional and local level. Phase three of the project brought the previous two sections together to agree the structure, the timeline for implementation, implementation plans for each of the partners and associated costs.


The integrated equity review led to a new approach to the delivery of equity support throughout the delivery system and the formation of the Sports Equity Alliance. As part of the process a vision for Sports Equity was developed alongside seven key drivers for change.

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