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A project on behalf of Sport England in the East Midlands, developing solutions for the club, coach and volunteer workforce through the County Sports Partnerships (CSPs).

Building on the CSP workforce development plans written last year the Sport England team were keen to highlight good practice and develop some practical solutions to support the workforce further.


Phase One – Impact Assessment

We assessed the impact of the CSP workforce development plans (alongside any other relevant, existing workforce data) through the development of a series of questions which were considered by the workforce lead officers in each CSP, regional NGB or other regional/ county organisations.

We also assessed the role and impact of the East Midlands Sector Skills Alliance for Sport (EMSSAS).

Phase Two – Desk Research

All data collection aspects including tiers, segments and analysis were considered through a systematic investigation. We worked closely with the Sport England East Midlands Performance Analyst to identify how we could use existing data produced nationally and regionally by Sport England such as the Active People survey and market segmentation. We also considered some comparisons with other regions to identify good practice and case studies which could be shared and replicated in the East Midlands region.

Phase Three – Outcomes and Practical Solutions

Following the impact assessment and desk research phases and the consolidation of the information collated we developed a report which identified tangible outcomes to improve the quality of clubs, coaches and volunteers, alongside practical solutions that supported the Delivery System to achieve the outcomes set.


Solutions and recommendations included:

  • Successes from the workforce plans
  • Good practice and case studies in workforce development
  • Course, programme and initiative successes
  • How to share and/ or expand successes and good practice
  • Developing partnership working
  • Action planning for the future
  • New structures to ensure workforce development planning is embedded within the Delivery System in the East Midlands, for example if EMSSAS is a success replicating this at a CSP level to feed into the regional group.


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