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We were approached by England Hockey to explore how we can best support standardisation of assessment practice for the workforce. The project sought to: a) identify how current assessors’ ‘rate’ themselves against key assessor competencies through a process of self-assessment b) identify the common skill and knowledge gaps in the application of assessment practice c) identify solutions for supporting the continual professional development of assessors.


Working in conjunction with the England Hockey Coach Development Team, we developed a survey which was distributed to the workforce electronically. The survey consisted of self-assessment questions and facilitation tasks. A report was then presented to England Hockey based on the results of the survey which identified collective development areas and recommendations to support future practice. An assessor action plan was also created which identified individual strengths and areas for development.


Claire Williams, Coaching Development Project Manager said “A robust proposal has been provided that provides clarity on how the assessor role will be developed and supported. I worked closely with Kath Robinson on this project and the structure of how we worked together, and the support provided, helped maximise the efficiency of the resource put into the project from both organisations. The partnership was extremely useful to provide a critical eye to ensure the aim of the project was always at the forefront, and Kath’s input and challenge, in addition to the insight she brought in from other organisation and experts, ensured that where possible, all the decisions made were thoroughly researched and considered. All of this led to the creation of a very strong proposal that I feel now contains all the information required to move forward with this project over the coming months. I think the partnership of Kath and myself was very effective and I hope there will be another opportunity for us to work together soon”.

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