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Sport Structures constructed, through consultation with the sport, the three year plan for BWLA identifying the vision and key goals for the sport.


The development of the plan was through consultation and faciltiation with the sport leading to a plan that was agreed by the BWLA Board.


The vision:

By the year 2012 the British Weight Lifter’s Association will work in partnership to be a successful, vibrant, popular, sustainable, flourishing club- based sport.


Goal 1: People – lifters (at all levels), coaches, officials, volunteers

Weight Lifting will provide equitable support to develop the lifters, coaches, officials and the volunteers involved in the sport.

Goal 2: Strong, sustainable clubs and competitive structure

Through the development of clubs and a logical competition structure Weight Lifting will be a strong and sustainable sport

Goal 3: International success

Weight Lifting will identify potential International Lifter’s and support them through to International success

Goal 4: Organisational Structure

Weight Lifting in the UK will be structured in a way to support and enhance the development of the sport.

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