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Sport Structures were contracted to review the structure, role, remit and corporate governance of the Joint Angling Development Board.


Sport Structures took a three phased approach to addessing the key governance issues in Angling working closely with the three Angling governing bodies. The three phases were:

ASK: Audit and information gathering. Consultation & review through the use of qualitative and quantitative methods.

SHAPE: Consolidation of information gathering in the ‘ask’ phase. Development of options for governance development

AGREE: Finalising the proposals for future structure with the development of a comprehensive implementation plan.


Sport Structures used systematic research and consultation techniques including surveys, focus groups and telephone conversations supported by sound desk research to progress the first phase of the project.

Considerable faciltiation was needed with the individual and collective groups throughout the project. This facilitation led to greater ownership and understanding of the key issues and how to collectively achieve them.

Sport Structures used the governance assurance statement (See Sport England) as a basis of assessing the NGBs and also worked with the broader Angling community to ensure that the position of sports development was clear given the broader conservation and fish stock issues that the NGBs faced.

The resultant structure has led to the creation of a new company - the Angling Develoment Board Limited and a staff team of four led by a Senior Development Manager with team members supporting the sports development of coaches and coaching, clubs and volunteering as well as equity and ethics. Sport Structures assisted with the recruitment and company initiation process.  

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