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Our Clients


Our Managing Director Simon Kirkland was invited to be part of then Global Advisory Committee to support the development of the Kingdom’s first PE and School Sport Strategy.


Through the Global Advisory Committee Simon was asked to be further involved in the interpretation of the international and local analysis to turn this into the strategic objectives and subsequently the actions to meet the vision.

We further shaped the strategy using our expertise in data interpretation to offer actions that were both realistic and achievable. Working with other members of the Global Advisory Committee, Simon supported the shaping of three key objectives:

  • Raising participation
  • Improving health
  • Achieving medals in international competition

From these key objectives, the strategy and resources were identified. One key area that Simon influenced was the introduction of girls PE and this was planned in nationally for the first time. This required respectful negotiation with senior officers and politicians to ensure there was a planned approach to implementation. The cultural challenges in doing this were extensive.

Simon was contracted for further work to shape this strategy and also the implementation plan to bring the strategy to life.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia produced its first PE and School sport strategy and as part of this, girls PE was to be implemented in state schools across the country.

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